Our Clients

    We work shoulder to shoulder with Karsan, Kıraça Holding's one hundred percent domestic capital company, since 2008. We are carrying out the communication of Karsan's Concept V1 project, which was one of the finalists of the New York City Taxi Tender and was oftenly talked in the national and international arena. This work brings Karsan and us rewards abroad. We always follow "turning our stakeholders in to our ambassadors" communication strategy and apply it to the 6 different brands of Karsan. We always inform public of each major step we take.
    The launch in New York and local meetings, and lastly the 82nd International Geneva Motor Show... We run togeter with Karsan, which set out a vision to create Turkey's first domestic automotive brand. We run Karsan's CEO, company and internal communications, as well as all the printed and visual material preparation, both domestic and overseas exhibitions, sponsorships, media relations and social media management.

    Hexagon Studio, a joint subsidiary of Hexagon Group of Companies and Kıraça Holding, designed and created Karsan's "Concept V1" project from scratch, is one of Turkey's biggest design and engineering offices. For Hexagon Studio Concept V1's communication process is being executed in parallel with Karsan. We run Hexagon Studio's company and CEO communication as well as all printed and visual materials, exhibition participations, sponsorships, media relations and social media management.

    We carry out Hexagon Katı Atık's, Hexagon Consulting's energy company, communication since it's opening (2008). In 2010 we organized the groundbraking ceremony of Biosun Pamukova, Hexagon Katı Atık's production facility in Adapazarı. We organized Energy Minister Taner Yıldız's visit to the facility in 2011. In addition to all that, we managed the process of the corporate identity creation of Hexagon Katı Atık and Biosun Pamukova.

    Organizing Turkey's most comprehensive student recruitment events and international education fairs since 2001, Akare Fairs offers students who want to study abroad the quality and diversity. On the other hand, for the students who want to study in Turkey, Akare holds the region's most comprehensive fairs in Azerbaijan, Kazakhistan, Egypt, Morocco and Iraq. Starting in January 2013, we run Akare's communication activities.


    We worked together with Sirena Marine, Turkey's first mass production sailing brand Azuree's creator and the distributer and the manufacturer of the World's most prestigious motor yacht brand Azimut between the years of 2010–June 2012. During this period, we prepared strategic communication plans separately for Sirena Marine, Azuree and Azimut. We launched Azuree in 2010 Eurasia Boat Show for the first time. As a result of our communication activities, Azuree became a brand having the most media visibility in the sector. We managed Azuree's website and it's Facebook page as well. In addition to that, we ran Azuree and Azimut's media relations and fair organizations.

    We carried out KIBİSAD's (The Greek Businessmen Association), which was founded in 2011, corporate identity studies. We organized their first press conference in Cyprus-Lefkoşa. We will work together with them in the future.

    Ofer Group, one of Israel's largest private enterprise, left it's communication activites in Turkey to Bound between 2008-2010. Ofer Group's name was first announced in TUPRAS Tender and later in the privatization of Galataport. The Group's media relations and crisis communication was managed by us during these times.