Our Services

    Strategic Communication Planning

    According to the SWOT analysis, we gather your company's communication objectives, target audiences, your company's strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks of the market and competitors and create the "strategic communication plan".

    Creative Jobs Strategy

    Within the scope of brand positioning and communication strategy, we design creative jobs strategy which will guide digital channels, media buying and planning agencies.

    Media Relations

    We implement organizations such as; press conferences, corporate tours, product launches aimed at media members and provide the participation of media professionals. In addition to distributing press releases we organize special interviews. We carry out one to one relationship with the media professionals on a regular basis.

    Corporate Reputation

    We increase the confidence of the target groups in the institution. We do research and studies in order to create positive perception of your institution and carry this perception steadily.

    Crisis Management

    We support your company when any out of ordinary functioning of the institution creates negative effects such as political, legal or financial on the media or on the public. Anything that shakes your institution's reputation we provide all the necessary support.

    CEO Communication

    We manage your company’s general manager or CEO’s relations with the media. We carry out efforts to convey your pre-determined messages via presentations, speeches and interviews.

    Media Training

    We provide private media trainings to persons who are the face of your brand/institution such as speech trainings, responding questions and right form to stand in front of the camera, etc.

    Social Media

    We manage the presence of your Institution/brand in digital platforms. We coordinate the content management on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and etc.

    Event Management

    We organize appropriate activities in accordance with the communication strategy of your institution. We manage the relationships between concerned parties during the organization.

    Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

    We support your institution/brand by evaluating the social and environmental issues that are appropriate for your institution’s/brand’s vision, mission and values within the framework of your field of activities.

    Sponsorship Management

    We evaluate and manage sponsorship proposals that are compatible with the general and CSR strategies of your brand/ institution, add value to reputation of your institution/brand and help your institution /brand to meet its target audience.